SmhKzl Graphic Mod v1.1 (Fixed Textures)


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Euro Truck Simulator 2 v:

Graphic Mod v1
– New HDR
– New Rain Drop
– Edited Models
– New Weather
– New Street Lamp Color
– Edited Materials
– New Road Texture

**NEW** Graphic Mod v1.1

-* Fixed Texture Errors
-* NEW: sunset: 20:00 – Sunrise: 05:30
-* Add New HDR Codes
-* Add New Weather Colors



10 Responses to SmhKzl Graphic Mod v1.1 (Fixed Textures)

  1. wladoi says:

    It looks good, What about fps? Will there be drop fps?

  2. Stralis says:

    Beautiful mod! Thank you!

  3. leo truck says:

    tsm 6.2 ??
    EAA V3.1 ??
    Traffic Mod 5.2.0 ??

  4. luis says:

    It is valid for all maps?

  5. luis says:

    Promods Crash

  6. leo truck says:

    tsm 6.2 Crash
    EAA V3.1 Crash
    Traffic Mod Crash
    russ 1.6 Crash

  7. mk12 says:

    With Hungary map works perfectly.

  8. Acacio Lourenço says:

    Promods: crash……………

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