Smith Engineering SDC Trailer v 2.0


v 2.0 Updates:
– Lightmasked back lights.
– Better Textures.
– Fixed Errors with Rear Bumper.
– Fixed Errors With Trailer Legs.
– Company Skins Added.
– Fixed wheel Node Position.
– Fixed mapping errors, now all parts are skinable in one DDS File.
– Trailer now shows up in ai and in Freight Market.

Authors: SmithEngineeringUK, Bora, Ventures87


6 thoughts on “Smith Engineering SDC Trailer v 2.0

  1. Very Good <3

  2. matty jones

    very nice! what does it replace? does replace all the curtainsiders with these trailers or are they all standalone?

    1. Replace all Krone ProfiLiner trailers.

  3. They replace all the curtains mate

  4. make it standalone :))

    1. ModmanJoe

      Some guys are never Happy what you do for them

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