SMS Space Trailer & Truck Pack


This is the only safe virus free
download link there is. This link
should only be on this site. Do not re-upload
the mod to other downloadsites.
All of JazzyCat’s Mods are compatible
Make sure you unpack. There are 2 SCS Files!
Standalone Trailer!

Tested on ETS2 v1.18.x

SMS Modding, SCS


2 thoughts on “SMS Space Trailer & Truck Pack

  1. SMS Modding Team

    We are sorry. We are having some problems with our site. The download page is right now missing. If you want to download our mods, Please go to our Home page which has our mods under the \News\ section.

  2. SMS Modding Team

    Lets try this comment AGAIN…

    We are sorry that our download page is down. We are working hard to get it fixed. To download our mods, Please go to our home page:

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