Snow plow


Author: Vlasta


7 Responses to Snow plow

  1. sfs says:

    cia tipo valai kelia? ar is tikro valai

  2. falken says:

    do me a favor test it before you lay it out… its not work fix it please…

  3. paul says:

    it is not working on any version,guys,dont upload something just to be uploaded,this is the 100th time i see this s.h.i.t

  4. Renegade says:

    LMAO another classic POS from the vlastabator 🙂

  5. 98andrea98 says:

    It works! but only on Scania

  6. Mak-Kyver says:

    Before when said NOT WORKING, test it, remove all ur other mods and try! its not mod maker fault if someone have conflict mods in folder

    Like u PAUL u yell “not working on any wersions”… but how is possible that its work on 98andrea98??????
    so mod is work but Paul u may have conflict mods in folder and this wont work on YOU and ur mod collection 🙂 !

    • paul says:

      apologyse to the maker,if it worked for someone it means it works

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