Solar Guard for Scania


This is a Solar Guard for scania, it replaces the orginal scania sunvisor, please note that you have to delete the scania’s front mirror other wise its ugly Greetz Gerben

Author: Gerben


10 thoughts on “Solar Guard for Scania

  1. Nice but its ugly from inside.

    1. Jep true, but in the second version of it, there are curtains in it so you wont see it that good

      1. ANy chance to see second version of this?



    1. om my god… its 15days free and you ask crack… and when you must pay… less than 5 euro/month!! what a guy… LOOSER!!!

  3. mooi man

  4. Freddy Jimmink

    Ziet er goed uit kerel, nu nog een voor de DAF xf op
    deze manier?


    Looks good man, now the same but than for DAF XF please?

    Indeed if You have an interior with curtains You don’t see sunshield, and let me be honnest, it is not that ugly if You see it,



  5. Version 2 is uploaden but has to be accepted by the admins of the site, maybe tonight, otherwise tomorrow! Everything is fixed and added some Curtains.

    @Freddy, yeah ofcourse im going to do it on a Daf Xf, starting next week,

    @That poor guy who asked a crack, Dude didnt use a crack bought a license of 2 months for €6,34 exactly so dont aks for cracks, and a crack won’t work because zmod3 autmaticly chekes your network automaticly if ur having a legal version… wait for 50Keda he’s making a plugin for blender to mod for ets2 without zmod3

    1. Its good to hear what you made 2nd version if this, but could you please do this without curtains? Only fix this visor inside? Its would be great!

      Thanks in advance!


  6. Freddy Jimmink

    Sounds really good Gerben that version 2 and the DAF version is no hurry, but 1 question: can You make the DAF sunshield witout curtains, i have them already in my interior,

    And for Mr. Crack asking, on this site tere will be given NO CRACKS! Read the regulations mate and don’t even ask!


    Freddy Jimmink

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