Solar guard version 2


This is the second version of the Solar Guard, this time you also see the solar guard from the inside and added some curtains

Author: Gerben


6 thoughts on “Solar guard version 2

  1. Freddy Jimmink

    Nice work Gerben, works also in

    Wait to see more,



  2. Nice Gerben! But any chance to see this fixed version without curtains?


  3. @Reddy thnx 😀 i think its availble on all the versions but im not sure.

    @Axelrol, No you cant remove the curtains, maybe in a later version im sorry, but you can re skin the curtains

  4. why doesn’t it work for me?

  5. @Gerben

    zou je die visor met de naam Bart Kroeze Transport erop kunnen maken??

    could you make that visor for me with the name Bart Kroeze Transport on it??

    Greetz BarKro91

    1. @BennyBB it should work, it replaces the standard scania sunvisor but only works in the topline cab.

      @BarKro, de naam op de zonneklep kan je makkelijk vervangen, kwestie van skinnen, is geskint op

      The name on the sunvisor is easly skinablle and skinned on

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