Solution for GPS and Dashboard error ETS2 1.35

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Solution for the gps and dashboard error that can occur starting up your game:
A lot of people experience a problem where the gps and dashboard display aren’t functioning properly.
It does happen once in a while and is pretty annoying.
Therefore I made a small scs file that will solve this problem.
Just put the scs file in your mod folder, always keep it at the top of your list.
That’s all. The problem will not occur again.
Enjoy your game everybody!



5 Responses to Solution for GPS and Dashboard error ETS2 1.35

  1. Stabon-Strapon says:

    This problem came into play with the latest patches for ETS 2 and ATS. In beta testing, and then this was not. Of course not critical, but to solve this problem you have to restart the game.
    Mediahunter72 – thank you very much for the fix.

  2. Mediahunter72 says:


  3. Casper says:

    Thank you very much mate

  4. Walter Petersen says:

    Isnt working for me 🙁

  5. scooterking says:

    make one to ats too

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