Sommer Container Trailer v 1.0


– 1x 20 ft container
– 2x 20 ft container

Authors: Alex Antonov, Mr_Zer, Königszapfen ua, Roadhunter


4 thoughts on “Sommer Container Trailer v 1.0

  1. Weirdpersone

    Standalone or replacement? looks nice!

  2. Standalone Trailer

  3. Gorkal1ty

    Finally a great realistic container trailer, thanks really!! Its standalone and working with other packs like vaarduar or tz trailers. Now I only wish you could do more skins and dunno if its a way to see it more cause its hard to find it in the market.

  4. I dont see these trailers in the job market at all, does anyone know if this is cause i am running 2 seperate standalone trailers, this and the NewS cooliner??

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