Sommer Maersk Groenewegen Matson Container v 3.0

Sommer Maersk Groenewegen Matson Container

ETS2 1.19.xx + DLC Scandinavia Version 3
(Groenewegen Model explosion removed in V3 and 1.19.xx compatibel)
Double pack container in ao

Groenewegen Chassi with Matson 40feet Container
– Wheel error
– Lightmask
– Mudflap Mapping
– Trailer higher

Standalone Trailer
– Groenewegen 40feet Matson Container
– 20tons

Sommer Maersk Container Trailer
Standaone Trailer
cargo: Sommer 40feet Maersk Container
weight: 20tons

Fixed by Roadhunter
– Lightmask
– Attacher and Modell higher
– License_plate SCS
– Wheel error

It is not allowed to upload this mod to other hosters.

Authors: Andrey M., I Tomas, Tomson, Alex Antonov


One thought on “Sommer Maersk Groenewegen Matson Container v 3.0

  1. Tremonia1974

    Wrong Credits!!!!!!!!! It’s stolen frm Roadhunter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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