Sons of anarchy tcab skin


Sons of anarchy tv show themed skin for the tcab v1.5
can be used on all cabs but longline there is too much space towards rear of cab sides…



7 thoughts on “Sons of anarchy tcab skin

  1. Can You makit this style for Volvo FH16 `?

  2. can you give me a link for trailer please?

  3. townterrier

    sorry cant remember where i got trailer from, if i find it i will share…..and will attempt to make one for FH16, but when i dont know

  4. where can I find 4x rear axle mod? I drive a Tcab but with no more than 3 rear axles.

    1. townterrier

      @wanhoop if you have v1.5 tcab then you already have it, but you need the correct cab to be able to add it in the garage. use the same cab as i have which i think is the highline and then scroll trhough the chassis and it should be there, let me know if you manage to find it 🙂

      1. Nope, no success…tried all kind of cabs but no more than 3 rear axles…How do I know if I have v1.5? I have ETS2 1.15.1 version or is this irrelevant?

        1. townterrier

          dont have the last 2 cabs on ur tcab, then scroll through the chassis and should be there. just keep trying with the different cabs, if it is the tcab from the scs forums then this chassis will be there. hope u manager to find it

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