Sound for BDF Traffic pack by Jazzycat v 5.5.1

Personalized sounds for BDF Traffic pack by Jazzycat v5.5.1

Please read on my Sounds thread on SCS forum to learn how to use this pack and to find other sounds packs for ETS2 and ATS:

share only by keeping the author’s link! keep in mind that mod thieves are too dumb to release updates for you if one day I decide that enough is enough

Cipinho, Drive Safely, Jazzycat


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6 thoughts on “Sound for BDF Traffic pack by Jazzycat v 5.5.1

  1. it’s like music to my ears…
    awesome soundpackages !!!

    ?? ?

  2. Sounds+for+American+trucks+please?

    1. Today sounds for Jazzycat Trucks and Classic cars

  3. Canarinho

    Hi Cip, i have this Error:

    [snd] Failed to bind, file not found! (/sound/ai/volvo_fh16_2012_horn1.ogg)

    In Console is a red txt.

    But i dont know its from this mod or another.

    1. Canarinho

      I see Sound Fixes Pack by Drive Safely have this file.

    2. it’s completely inoffensive, one truck will not use that missing horn…
      actually I include sometimes sounds form Drive Safely’s pack and he uses also some of my sounds, therefore it’s recommended to use both packs 😉

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