Sound for Iveco Stralis


Sound Engine, horn and gear shifting

Alex Kraft


11 Responses to Sound for Iveco Stralis

  1. ramses says:

    an engine who speak! hahahaha
    and the sound is horrible!

  2. loshka88 says:

    Original video:

    Russian understands 😀

  3. adi2003de says:

    that is the sound from spin tires … not good work for ets2 … sorry .. but where is your work ?

  4. Aspahlt says:

    O.k something is wrong by this sóund ,


    the horn is good
    The Turbo Sound is not to loud ,so it is fine.
    The engine Sound is not bad

    But the gears ?? wtf please fix it
    and the Mod have a good note.

  5. Mex says:

    Wtf? XD Bad sound its sounds like my toilet lol

  6. NoTmYnaME says:

    this sound is from Spin Tires

  7. tunak says:

    Sounds like some russian guy tries to kill a cockroach with a spray and swears

  8. Mohawk says:

    That’s is good humor…Hahahaa !! Good one. I’ll DL it, just for fun of it. Nice !

  9. djim says:

    really good please make for daf and Volvo, cheers.

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