Sounds for BDF AI Truck Pack by Jazzycat v 4.5

Personalized sounds for Painted BDF Traffic Pack by Jazzycat, you need to place my mod above the main mod that you can find here:

this mod includes also some small tweaks of the max_speed values for some trucks.


if you use my Real Traffic Density mod v1.33.f you will get BDF trucks as separate type of vehicles which will spawn separately with ratio vs normal trucks at maximum 1:10. this has the great advantage that you have more chances to see BDF trucks in traffic, especially the country specific BDFs which as normal use as trucks you may never see. also a selection of smaller sized BDFs and with no trailers were stored as city_trucks with exclusive spawn in cities. this will make the only city_trucks, the garbage trucks appearing more rare.
my last version of Real Traffic Density mod is here:

more important:

if you don’t use my traffic mod, you need to delete from my BDF sound mods the following 3 files located in def/vehicle folder:


without removing these 2 files you will only see in traffic the allocated BDF trucks as city_trucks and no BDF trucks with trailers.


Cipinho, Drive Safely, Jazzycat


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