Sounds for Motorcycle Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v 2.7

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changelog v2.7:
-sounds for latest 2 motorcycles from Jazzycat pack
place my mod above the main pack

Cipinho, Drive Safely, Jazzycat


5 thoughts on “Sounds for Motorcycle Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v 2.7

  1. Yes!!!
    Thank you Cipinho, Drive Safely and Jazzycat!


    Спасибо! Всё чудесно. Но мотоциклов очень много , как моторалли. Как убрать Ваше увеличение мотоциклов в трафике? А в остальном очень хорошо . Спасибо.

    1. don’t take in serious what you see in the video, that is made only to show the sounds, with all other cars cancelled 😉
      in normal driving you will see a normal density!

  3. ? love it !

  4. Thank you for the Update, cipinho.
    When you asking me for the eSound, that´s OK. 5*

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