Sounds for Russian Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v 2.8

Personalized sounds for all vehicles from Russian Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v 2.8. main mod here:

changelog v2.8:
-19 new sounds or reworked sounds
-all vehicles spawn system was changed to be in line with the main pack
-some vehicles are allowed in all countries with very low ratio
-Russia only, received a higher frequency of the Russian vehicles, if you want this (if you use many other packs it is recommended) then place my sounds above the def part of the main mod also, otherwise keep the sounds between def and base

please read the full description and the “how to use” section in my sound thread on scs forum:

here you can find other sound packs and also vote your favorite packs, which may get priority at updates

please respect my work and share only by keeping the credits to the author and the original link!

enjoy !!!

P.S. My mods are and will always be for free, however if you appreciate my efforts and want to offer me a beer, I thank you in advance! here is my PayPal account:

Cipinho, Jazzycat


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