Sounds for Sport Cars Traffic Pack by TrafficManiac v 1.5

this mod adds personalized sounds for Sport Cars Traffic Pack by TrafficManiac v1.5.
the modified sii files includes also:
– minor changes in max_speed (increased on most of the cars)
– some models are allowed to appear parked
– added spawn_ratio (not active if country spawn file is used)
this mod can be used in ETS2 and in ATS (the pack is similar) and works in 1.31 and 1.32
my mod should be placed above the main mod. main mod can be found here:

Cipinho, TrafficManiac


5 thoughts on “Sounds for Sport Cars Traffic Pack by TrafficManiac v 1.5

  1. Surely is welcomed … love these sounds, great work !!
    some needs a little tweak, I might report it on the forum,
    but most of them are excellent …
    this in combination with the bikesound is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!!!

  2. break4down

    Update for 1.6 please!

  3. works with traffic pack 1.6??

  4. soon, 1-2 days! I cannot be that fast because of the game update to 1.32. luckily the Ai files are working unmodified in 1.32 😉
    however you can use sound for 1.5 to 1.6, only new addition will not have sounds! the rest will work fine

    1. thank you its a must have for me

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