Sounds for Sport Cars Traffic Pack by TrafficManiac v 2.0

Personalized sounds for all Sport cars from pack v2.0 by TrafficManiac

place my mod above main mod
if you use my real traffic density mod you can also use sport cars as separate type of vehicles. details on my thread on scs forum

Cipinho, TrafficManiac


2 thoughts on “Sounds for Sport Cars Traffic Pack by TrafficManiac v 2.0

  1. MovingTarget

    I adore your sound mods. What does it take to make sound packs like these?

    1. thanks a lot! it requires intuition how to search on youtube for sound recordings preferably with external microphone or with window open, to know a bit how to match some engines to other models because it’s impossible to find sounds for all cars 🙂
      then it requires basic skills to use a sound editor like Audacity and skills to edit sii files of the traffic packs.
      you can find my other sound packs as well as my traffic density mod and other traffic addons here:

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