Sounds + High by Rockeropasiempre v 2.0


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Hello Majetes. Well, it is ready the second installment of this pack of sounds. There are many improvements and changes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Back up your profile before anything.

Why?. Simple. Some time ago I realized that after using mods sound, whether trucks, environment, or music menu for example, sometimes sound, the sound of these mods he stayed, even after they are removed. It happened several times, staying for example the sounds of a Ural in a profile and even without this mod. Therefore, copies of the essential profiles just in case.

Changes in this version:

– Compatible with all my mods engine. Place this mod above engines.
– Smoothing all sounds Volvo and Daf.
– Augmented reasonable measures in other engines sound of other trucks.
– Added 3 new sounds for refueling. (Watch video)
– Added new internal speakers for all trucks. (Watch video)
– Added new sounds for other external speakers. (Watch video)

CAUTION within the Winrar file, there are three files with extension .scs not have to put all. Only for the map that we’re playing. At the moment, for the original map (vanila), Promods or Russian Open Spaces.

Author: Rockeropasiempre

Winrar file Weight: 238.4 Mb

Please respect the author’s original link.


Author: Rockeropasiempre


2 Responses to Sounds + High by Rockeropasiempre v 2.0

  1. Theosz says:

    Pretty cool . TY

  2. Theosz says:

    Like a modder, maybe is good keep english language. đŸ˜‰

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