South East Asia Map v0.2.4 [1.47]

Two new countries were added: Vietnam and Timor-Leste
Added new cities: Condao, Vietnam and other temporarily undeveloped cities (including Timor-Leste, Malaysia and Thailand)
Changed street lighting in Thailand
The distance to the street lamp is reduced
Add a Singapore Dockyard
Changed signs at some state interchanges on some Malaysian highways
Changed street signs in Thailand
Signs were added to the port at the airport
Changed some roads (reduced the number of turns)

6 countries;
102 cities;
Songkhla province in the south of Thailand;
West coast of the Malaysia and Singapore Peninsula;
You can combine with modes of cards, including Road to Asia, Rusmap, Mapa EAA, Promods.

Xiguawangzi3399, Wongchiucheong


2 thoughts on “South East Asia Map v0.2.4 [1.47]

  1. how to install this? It’s not working for me

  2. works just activate zip file dont unpack mod manager list

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