Southern Poland 1.0

Southern Poland by Matt_Elo2001 – this is a small map of the southern region of Poland. In this region you can admire both mountainous terrain and lowlands. Agriculture predominates in this area, but there are also industrial companies.

Changes in v1.0:
– national road No. 79 has been added from the roundabout in Słupia to the roundabout in Łoniów
– the city of Polaniec has been added
– three companies were added: Biedronka in Połaniec and in Łoniów, ZTE in Połaniec
– added sleeping points (houses) and a gas station
– light reconstruction of the national road from the Tarnów junction on the A4 austway to the roundabout in Słupia (e.g. replacement of the grass with the one from the balt supplement,
changing trees to balt)
– new marking has been added at the A4-Tarnów junction
– the road near the Tarnów-A4 junction with the national road No. 73 was rebuilt
– trees and grass from the balt supplement were used throughout the map
– the provincial border has been added on the national road No. 73
– marking of voivodships and poviats has been added

All DLC, ProMods 2.50 and Poland Rebuilding are required for the map to work. The map is an overlay for PM and PR, therefore a map update for a different version of the game will be issued when the two maps needed for action come out.

The mod should be placed above the maps in the mod manager (above all PR and PM).

The required game version is: 1.38x

Special thanks to:
Poland Rebuilding Team – models
ProMods – models

Please send any errors or tips to my e-mail: [email protected]

It is forbidden to share the mod on other forums. Provide the original link I uploaded!

Feel free to download and admire the beautiful Polish climate on the map.

Poland Rebuilding – Models
ProMods – Models


10 thoughts on “Southern Poland 1.0

  1. Matt_Elo2001

    Link zostanie zaktualizowany w tym dniu, ponieważ z tej strony on nie działa.
    Zapraszam do pobierania z innych stron.

    1. Matixo1606

      mam pytanie czy mapa zostanie zaaktualizowana do wersji 1.39?
      Po wyjściu Promods 2.51 i następnej wersji Poland Rebuildiing

  2. ItalianoGT

    A w którym miejscu w menadżerze modów wstawić plik z mapą bo kombinuje i jej nie wygrywa

  3. Matt_Elo2001

    Matixo1606-tak mapa zostanie zaktualizowana po wyjściu PR i PM na 1.39
    Na tym blogu można pobrać dobry link z działającą mapą

  4. Matt_Elo2001

    ItalianoGT mój mod należy wstawić na samą górę ponad ProMods oraz Poland Rebuilding (i jego wszystkie dodatki tj. fixy oraz Specjal Transport) z resztą map powinien działać.
    Ta tym blogu można pobrać dobry link z działającą mapą
    W razie jakiś problemów proszę pisać.

  5. Matt_Elo2001
    Nowy link z działającą mapą. Przepraszam za utrudnienia.

  6. В топку аддон,каждый раз при запуске игрового мира игра пересчитывает кэш по новому.

  7. Matt_Elo2001

    Calliandr nie do końca rozumiem o co ci chodzi-może napisz po angielsku

    1. After installing the add-on, the game recalculates the cache on a new one every time the game world starts, you have to wait 40 minutes, deleted the add-on and everything began to load quickly.

  8. Matt_Elo2001

    What mods do you load the game with and in what order.

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