Southern Region Map v.5.0.0beta


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-Postroeny Many cities (including Novorossiysk, Krasnodar and etc.)
-Perestroeny Many road
-Added Highway A155, A154 (P216), A160, Hot Key Kaluga-Afipsky
Added new sections of road for the M4, M29 (R217) R254, P251, A147 highway
-Improved Road infrastructure (close to reality)
-Improved The nature of the forest zone map
-Enter Support the game together with the map “RusMap”
-Enter Transportation from refineries “Rosneft” Tuapse to the gas station and back of the same name
-Enter Several companies realnosuschestvyuschy
-Added More than 350 new signs and labels
-Povyshena Detailed terrain
-Added New environment sounds
-Added Space atmosphere (pr.plyazh in Dzhubga, Railway station in Novorossiysk, and others.)
-Improved Light flashing car at night (if you do not like this novvovedenie, the
You can remove it, read more below)
-Other changes

Tested 1.23 Game Version

The card has not been tested with other cards except rusmap
Please save the original download link!!! DO NOT REUPLOAD!!!

SimKA, RusMap, klipstoeun8839, Koral, OSTeam, FLD, jon_ruda, Jazzycat, DeXtor

DOWNLOAD 82 KB Patch for low end PC

49 thoughts on “Southern Region Map v.5.0.0beta

  1. don`t work in ets2 vers. 1.23 the game crush. I try it standalone and rush map ver. 1.6.3 and nothing.

    1. don`t work in ets2 vers. 1.23 the game crush. I try it standalone and with rush map ver. 1.6.3 and nothing

    2. mr.europeanguy

      map is for 1.22
      1.23 is crash not work
      v5.0.0beta is work on 1.22 in my windows 10 PC

    3. mr.europeanguy

      go in 1.22 and work all mods in 1.22.x
      1.22 best version ever

      1. mr.europeanguy

        🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Nelson2230

    work with Promods ?

  3. usman hamsafar

    please make a mountains and rods in valley maps.thanks

  4. cristiannarcis79

    does not work with rusmap map, the map only works in standalone manner and only standalone 🙁 🙁 🙁 please help !!!

  5. For correct operation of the game, “Rusmap” map files should have a higher priority than map files “Southern Region”, in active modifications of the list!

  6. work perfectly, priority;

    1 rusmap def package
    2 rusmap model package 2
    3 rusmap model package
    4 rusmap map package
    5 srm model
    6 …..
    7 …..

    1. Nelson2230

      work with promods 2.2 ?

  7. pat stringer

    Not work in ets2 vers. 1.23 the game crush I try it standalone and no mods ,nothing. juste crash

    1. pat stringer

      Oups Sorry I forgot to download Part 3 pfff sorry 🙂

  8. DLC East and DLC Scandinavia required?

    1. New profile required? o.o

    2. Yes , the DLC required , the profile can use the standard , to create new is not necessary .

    3. mr.europeanguy

      are no dlc dude!!!

  9. it mean about DLC’s

  10. I put the mods in order, without any mods. The game open and when i ghoose the city…crush…

    1. Do you have DLC “Scandinavia” and “Going East” ?

  11. yes, i`have

  12. kendall97

    Can you please the right loading order?

  13. works in version 1.22 ??, why they should try to make it compatible with previous versions to 1.23

  14. Русик

    А будет грузить на 1.21

  15. don`t work with rus map 1.6.1
    don`t work with rus map 1.6.3
    don`t work alone… my version game is 1.23.0 beta
    i put the mods:
    rusmap def package
    rusmap model package 2
    rusmap model package1
    rusmap map package
    srm model 1
    srm model 1
    srm map

    the game open and when i choose the city it crush
    what i do?

    1. Upgrade to (non-beta)

    2. @Acacio;
      Just change the position of
      SRmap_[Def and Map].scs
      to above of the 2 srm model entries which means:
      – RusMap entries and after that:
      – SRmap_[Def and Map].scs
      – SRmap_[Model1].scs
      – SRmap_[Model2].scs
      So it WILL work. I have had the same problem and changed position of the SRmap_[Def and Map].scs to top of the SRmap entries.
      That’s all you must do.

  16. Add-on or standalone?

  17. valdir da silva

    seu mapa e uma perfeição gosto muito dele mais na nova atualização ta dando bug que nem nos outros mapa fica fechando só mais volto a dizer e uns dos melhores mapa que já joguei

  18. To all the people here with problems regarding this Southern region map:
    After several problems with the new ETS v1.23 I needed to create a new profile.
    From that I activated the last actual RusMap v1.63.
    (TSM Map does not work anymore, crash the game, therefore deleted)
    So in your mod manager there must be entries in this order:
    1 rusmap def package
    2 rusmap model package 2
    3 rusmap model package
    4 rusmap map package
    5 SRmap_[Def and Map].scs
    6 SRmap_[Model1].scs
    7 SRmap_[Model2].scs

    Before and after the entries you can place your other downloads.
    Started the game then was successful! No errors!
    To look the map it shows the NEW map of southern region, too!

    So I started new trips, but not yet to the new cities because my new profile and its restrictions.
    What is to note:
    With this new map you have not only new icons inside your GPS – to mention the fuel station icons, you have even new sounds (A cheap russian song) whenever you press ESC for to look into options, Nice idea from the developer, hahahhaaa.
    Also there are new images (icons) in the loading/saving screen, where all the ‘auto-saves’ have got new images in style of the new map.
    Just watch out!
    Soon I will try to drive into the new regions/areas of this map and I will see what is there…………
    For now my many thanks to the map-developer and his great work.
    You players simply may follow my orders to place the map at the right place in mod manager – and that’s all for now – Happy Driving….
    Once again: IT WORKS without any problems…!!!

  19. 06_Jenia_99

    Здравствуйте Симка, можно ли залить файлы на торрент либо на хостинг с поддержкой докачки. Так как интернет немного тормозит 🙂 Скорость передачи маленькая при скачивании ваших файлов. Заранее спасибо

  20. can someone confirm if it works promods 2,2 +rusmap 1.63?

  21. Abdi Pranoto

    i always got game crash at some places….

  22. Алексей

    EN: very nice “card” indeed. Except just letting you know for the future, in English card refers to as card in electronics (graphics card, simcard, etc). The route “card” in English has term “MAP”. No offense since English is not my first language either and I used to swap many words that referred as the same term in non-English. You will find folder “map” in uncompressed “base.scs”

    RU: Действительно прекрасная карта. Да вот только слово по Английски “Кард” (card) на Английском относиться к электронным картам (видео карта, звуковая карта, сим карта, и.т.п.). Сам раньше Английский толком не знал и делал подобные, и для Англо-говорящих людей абсурдные ошибки. Правильный термин для карты маршрута, или атласа дорог – МЭП (map), такая же папка попадается в распакованном “base.scs”.

  23. it works with rusmap 1.6.3…but crashes with tsm..why is that! doesn’t it support tsm or my mod arrangement is wrong in order?

    Moreover, this map is very good. Works fine with 1.23v.

    1. The TSM Map 6.2 crashes the game. There is a so called ‘Fix for Game v1.23’ available, but with same result: Crash.
      I loved all the versions of TSM Map, but after game v1.22.2.8 it does not work anymore. So we have to wait for a real new TSM Map.

      1. Yeah! both TSM & this map is great. But can’t play it together. They need to make this map compatible with TSM!

  24. After my report written on 22th of April I come back here to write new report.
    First and once again my big compliments to the map developers – You did a real great work!
    Over the time I explored a good piece of the whole map, visited many cities and can only say: It works perfectly!
    Only one detail to note: Whenever coming closer to the cities Pavlovsk or Rosotov-on-Don the game is a bit stuttering and the frames go dramatically down. Maybe this is a question of the ‘balancing’ in texture loading or other issues.
    Anyway: GREAT MAP and a big fun to drive!

  25. Game crush! ver1.23.2.1 with Russ MAP 1.6.3

  26. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Here’s a delivery completed with the map.
    (sorry for the video quality)

    Picked up cargo in Warszawa
    Teleported to Stavropol? (unsure)
    Did some exploring in the Southern Map & the addon for RusMap v1.6.3
    Delivered cargo in Olsztyn 4217km Delivery Run

  27. mr.europeanguy

    im russian guy im live in moscow
    putin good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. where is road for gps??

  29. SimKA,

    You have excretement for brains. Your ###### Southern Region Map v. 5.0.0 caused ETS 2 to crash. **** you.

  30. United Tsardom

    dude make it work in 1.24x version

  31. Здравствуйте,подскажите пожалуйста на какую версию эта карта пойдёт. а то я скачал ets 2 v но проходит какое то время она вылетает. скиньте ссылку версии для этой карты. заранее спасибо

  32. TheDutchTruckNL

    will this work with 1.24?!

    1. No – not working for me

  33. Please update for 1.24!!!

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