SOUTHERN REGION V.7.0.0 [1.30] [UPD: 21.04.18]

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Southern Region ” map-visit the South of Russia!
Southern Region is a new free project developing a map of the southern Federal District of Russia for Euro Truck Simulator 2.
This map is perfect for lovers of Russian atmosphere, the atmosphere of the South.

Update 7.0.0

Supported versions: RusMap, ProMods, Russian Expanses of the Great Steppe, paki traffic from jazzycat
Unsupported modifications: modifications that change the time of year


– Many new roads and settlements
– Improved nature
– Optimization improvement
– Many roads and settlements have been reworked(including Anapa, Novorossiysk)
-Added lineup of main tractors KAMAZ (5490neo, 65206,65207)
-Redesigned street lighting with the use of the Soviet/Russian lamps with realistic dispersion of light
– Realistic traffic (traffic in cities Ls. transport, trains, various maneuvers ai t/s)
– Realistic model of road infrastructure(Variety of road signs, road markings)
– Many realistic post-Soviet bases)
– Three new garages(Krasnodar, Kropotkin, Rostov-on-don)
– Lots of new attractions and historical facts

For version of game: 1.30.x
Required DLC: “Going East”,”Scandinavia”, “Viva La France”

1.Support for full SISL’ Mega Pack accessory kit for KAMAZ

2.The set of thematic. KAMAZ’and Konstantin Udovichenko

3.Fix for working capacity of new garages



DOWNLOAD 600 MB part I
DOWNLOAD 600 MB part V

49 thoughts on “SOUTHERN REGION V.7.0.0 [1.30] [UPD: 21.04.18]

  1. Lilo is Good

    I’m downloading this right now, I hope it’s compatible with old fixes

  2. hm…. fake?

    1. Lilo is Good

      As far as I’m concerned SimKA is the real author of this map

  3. I like it ,so cool

  4. FAKE

  5. It´s NOT a Fake. If you not sure, go to the SCS-Forum:

    This is the Thread from SimKA and it´s V7 !

  6. Fake!!!

    1. NOT a Fake !!!
      Go to SCS Forum to the Thread from SimKA !!!

  7. Official Release. Discussed on SCS and ProMods forum.

  8. No FAKE – it’s an ORIGINAL download links fron @SimKA !!!

    Happy Trucking! (c)

  9. naemnik67


  10. Not a fake.
    Here is my dashboard for KAMAZ 5490 NEO from this map

  11. Stephen Butler

    This link below will confirm that the new version (7.0.0) of the Southern Region Map was released yesterday (Friday 20 April):
    Cheers x

  12. Sergey061

    Странный народ:))) На фейки набрасываетесь как мухи на … А авторские ссылки принимаете за липу:)))
    Размещённые выше ссылки 100% авторские.

  13. Lilo is Good

    This is not a fake, same links as in, scs forum, and promods forum.

  14. iTzSplashed

    Why are you updating the map to 1.30? Yesterday the 1.31 Beta came out ####! Soon the normal 1.31 version will come out!

    1. With 1.31 version all maps will not work. Different code.

      1. Poor Evidad, who you are ?
        I have for example Balcan 2.7 for 1.30
        with PM 2.27, RusMap 1.8
        and, oh Wonder, everything works fine.

        We say in Germany, before speaking (writing), make your Brain working… LOL

  15. make to Supported map YKS Team Eu Turkey Map

  16. That+isn’t+so+right.+RusMap+and+REmap+working!

  17. its working with promods and rusmap on 1.30 version.

    1. inccubuss

      Oh, its crashing on mine. Could you please tell what’s the load order? I put in the same “place” as the previous version but crashes at the loading screen…

      Thanks, mate 🙂

  18. beim runterladen zeigt Fehler an also kannste mal wieder vergessen die karte

  19. Konstanca ferry connection – Novorossiysk – edition by Bozo. Works with ProMods 2.26 and Southern Region 7.0 – tested

  20. Ghostheijink

    Can someone tell me where I get the SRMap_UK Fix.scs ??

    1. Go to the SCS Forum to his Thread. You will find all Links there. 😉

  21. do u guys think its will working after the 1.31 release soon?

  22. Хер скачаешь. То ли файлы битые, то ли еще какая херь.

  23. The map does not work. Constant crash in Krasnodar and elsewhere. Gamelog shortened … mistakes without end. Scrap metal!

  24. gianni ciruel


  25. I love this map 🙂

  26. Fake not working stopped steam not working #### my 4cloks

  27. Working with romania map ?

  28. All archives corrupt

  29. Driving_SG

    Map Combo (SR+PM+RM+PR+EAA+GS+PJIndo) etc., video…

  30. Please tell me how to install this MOD

  31. How to extract this file 7z

  32. I love this map. Good Job!!!

  33. Metal Truck

    Gameplay 1080p 60fps!

  34. Trucker_Schmitt

    Downloading the archives = no problem
    Unzipping archives = no problem with 7z.
    For all people who are in trouble or crashing with this map, I tell my actual and working loadorder. Maps in use:
    ProMods 2.26, RusMap 1.8, Southern Region 7.0, Rk Map The Great Steppe 1.03
    Load Order in mod manager (from Top to Down):

    – Promods 2.26 – DEF (with Rusmap checked)
    – ProMods 2.25 + RusMap 1.8 Road Connection

    – RusMap 1.8 – Map
    – RusMap 1.8 – Model
    – RusMap 1.8 – Model 2
    – RusMap 1.8 – Def

    – Paris Rebuild 2.1
    – SR-Ferry-Promod-Italy DLC 7.0 (SR = South Region)

    – ProMods 2.26 – Map
    – ProMods 2.26 – Models 1
    – ProMods 2.26 – Models 2
    – ProMods 2.26 – Models 3
    – ProMods 2.26 – Media
    – ProMods 2.26 – Assetts

    – Error Fix for UK in combination with SR-Map (v1.1)
    – SR-Map garage-fix (SR v7.0)

    – Southern Region v7.0 – Def+Map
    – Southern Region v7.0 – Models 3
    – Southern Region v7.0 – Models 2
    – Southern Region v7.0 – Models 1

    – RK Map The Great Steppe v1.0 – Model
    – RK Map The Great Steppe v1.0 – Map
    – RK Map The Great Steppe v1.0 – Def

    Missing and/or special files you can find here:

    When starting game wait patiently the long loading time!

    Good Luck…….

    1. mod does not load ….

      1. please help me error in loading new game

  35. Trucker_Schmitt

    I wrote a wrong version of RK Map.
    It is RK Map The Great Steppe v1.03 and not the v1.0

  36. Chinthaka Supun

    Can not extract archiver files

    1. same here too
      did u find any solution?

  37. Yusuf Emre AYAZ

    first file corrupted

    1. dosya bozuk çalışmıyor

  38. Password?

  39. Password for extract

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