SPA3E Mega Trailer v1.0

– Different Chassis Options (2 Axle, 3 Axle)
– Different Curtain Options (Quickslider, normal Curtain)
– Ownable
– Sideskirts
– Toolboxes
– Back bumpers
– Front Walls
– Own Skins
– 4k AO Bake
– Template included
– Protections
– Body parts

Compatible with 1.48.x

Freds Mods


3 thoughts on “SPA3E Mega Trailer v1.0

  1. truckerhans

    old mod – files are from 2019

  2. thibault bertrand

    mhh interesting way of stealing and uploading an old version of a payware trailer from fred gumroad …

  3. What is this strange light from this semi-trailer? I need to improve the trailer, but here’s something like this, when will it be corrected?

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