Spanish Industrial Zone Map (EMAT MAP)


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Spanish Industrial Zone Map!
4 Large cities with new loading zones.
(Bilbao “ferry” – Irun – Pamplona – Zaragoza)
It comes from Spain by ferry to Rotterdam!
tested on version 1.13.3!
compatible with old Save game !

Creators of content except the map: SCS Atak_Snajpera, Satan19990, Jazzycat, ohaha, valera_t, goba6372, STALKER45, Denlog, Gluck, kosa6414, onixer, Yuri
Creator of the new map cities: tutoveenee.

SCS, tutoveenee, goba6372, Jazzycat


12 thoughts on “Spanish Industrial Zone Map (EMAT MAP)

  1. Derek Wells

    Yes! i shall try it when i get home.

  2. Will This Work On v1.14.x

  3. funziona con tsm ????

    1. Eres retrased :D

      Puedo observar que usted posee una deficiencia mental además por dos veces, más que nada porque Funciona se escribe con C. Además, ¿cómo cojones va a funcionar con el puto TSM si es un mapa de España, te pegaban en casa de pequeño y lo siguen haciendo o que? e.e

  4. I’m using only this map. I just founded few issues until now:-)

    00:35:10.896 : [fs] Failed to open file “/vehicle/trailer_eu/company/itcc/cement.tobj” in the read_only mode
    00:35:10.896 : [tobj] Can not open ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/company/itcc/cement.tobj’

    and a problem with speed limit in [GPS/route advisor] be different of signposts. In my setup occurs in all the maps

    EMAT – GPS(50) x signpost 70 km ; [27/10/2014 17:31] (sec-0015+0008);-58711.1;8.30007;33618.2
    EMAT – GPS X signpost 90 km ; [27/10/2014 17:33] (sec-0015+0008);-57713.7;35.2516;33407.2

    EMAT – Port has no name ; [27/10/2014 17:34] (sec-0015+0008);-58698.1;8.31007;33604.8 – Calais, Dover… have name in to building of dock
    EMAT – line red texture blink ; [27/10/2014 17:36] (sec-0015+0008);-59075.2;8.23302;34154.4 – The truck dealer texture is blinking/shaking

    thx for idea, sharing and few issues in game.log.txt.

    please, any beta made tests joing others maps? owner did not specify until now

  5. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Please Scroll Down For Video Description. Thanks.

    Spanish Industrial Zone Map (EMAT MAP)

    This is a Full day/night of Pickup/Deliveries starting in Rotterdam, through all the cities, (Bilbao – Irun – Pamplona – Zaragoza) in the Spanish Industrial Zone Map and back into Rotterdam.

    I didn’t split up the video this time so, It’s a bit long. In the video there may be a bug or two. And, one of the things that has bothered me for the longest is, at times in the video, the trailer will go over some sort of bump/dip that I sometimes don’t even see & it causes the trailer to bounce so bad that it causes me to wreck/overturn/jacknife take your pick. (I know, sometimes speed has something to do with it too:-) I hope trailer dampening maybe was fixed in the 1.14 version.

    Didn’t try it with ETS2 v1.14 or added any other maps or addons. But t looks & plays without a problem. would be great if there’s an expansion in the future.

  6. NEZ and TSM maps already has Zaragoza, so I guess will crash.

    I tried to use with Promods, MHA Europe, Simone’s maps and all crashed in my setup.

    somethings like that:

    00:00:27.096 : [unit] File ‘/def/world/model.tvm.sii’, line 3:
    00:00:27.096 : [unit] The unit name ‘model.2000’ is already taken by an existing unit (of type ‘model_def’).
    00:00:27.096 : load_filtered_unit_array() – Failed to load units from file (/def/world/model.tvm.sii)
    00:00:27.098 : management\core_resource_server.cpp(547): [email protected][email protected]@@UAEXXZ: Data error.

  7. André Santos

    Crash in Truck Dealers. I don’t can buy a truck…

    1. André Santos

      Finally i get make work. Is a great job. Congratulations dude… Keep the job and make a extension, please. Thanks.

  8. already see somthing worng ### look at that building Lol only a front site

  9. ferryes? NO THANKS! I want to drive so I stay with TSM or PM

  10. Anuj ghimire

    can i have a resumable downloadlink always get server not responding

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