Special trailer pack


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Authors: Team Miłość Caminhões, Luke Mundt, Ricardo Neisse, Uallace Moreira i Junior Mod., Carlos Silva


37 Responses to Special trailer pack

  1. sfs says:

    ar veikia su 1.1.1 versija?

  2. Asdasd says:

    Doesn’t works. Game crashes each time

  3. james says:

    i am running v1.2.5 and fails to load we need more of these pgms

    • james says:

      hello again. I was wrong in it wasn’t working. Set up a new profile and take all mod out for the start. It takes a long time to see the trailers so be patient. After they show up start adding in your mods a few at a time and see what works and what doesn’t. I had a mod of sisterns loaded and it didn.t work, took it out and wallaa it works. Thanks again and keep them coming, at least till we run out of room which wont be for a while.

  4. Quarazhi says:

    Runs fine for me. Just pulled one from cardiff to manchester.

  5. fuzionzv6 says:

    can not get this to work v1.2.5.1

  6. fuzionzv6 says:

    i did a new game and still dont work

  7. fuzionzv6 says:

    ok i got it to work just rename it to pack.scs that works for me

  8. Gaston Se7en says:

    I like’em!!

  9. biochazard says:

    is this a STAND ALONE or replace it somthing ?

  10. Seydi says:

    i cant delete this mod because if i delete this mod, i cant play ets im get error (sorry my english ) plz help.

    • Mod-Loller says:

      you can’t delete cargo-mods if you allready done a cargojob with the new cargo. All cargojobs will be stored in your profile-job-history.

      Allways use a new profile with new cargo, if you want to remove the cargomod later.

  11. Mod-Loller says:

    i don’t know why there is a truck-physic-mod in there…
    but good easy mod for unpack the .scs and put together with other standallone-trailer and standallone-cargo mods.

  12. Mod-Loller says:

    to all who have problems:
    allways remember you can’t use more then one
    standallone-CargoMod or standallone-TrailerMod or standalloneAICarMods, or
    SuperMegaIcanAllMods with standalloneMods
    allways unpack those mods for modify,
    edit the sii-files with same filenames and copy the content together without mistakes 😉

  13. 756ER234 says:

    don´t dowload this it chrashes the game when u delete it and if u have a physics mod the physics mod will stop working (thats why i delete it), and now a i can´t play my game, thanks stupid guys for crash my game, next time before release a mod test it on your f*cking pc

  14. Quarazhi says:

    I don’t know why it crashes everybody’s game.. Works absolutely fine for me. Might wan’t to look at what could conflict with it instead of just screaming about this mod not working?

  15. Quarazhi says:

    And for gods sake! How much brain does it take to delete the Physics.sii inside the .SCS file so it’ll work with a physics mod? *Facepalm*

  16. Mod-Loller says:


    Use a new Profile, or use replacer-Mods if you don’t want to unpack the standalone-Mods to modify something, or wait until your fav-megaMod contain the content.

  17. engin says:

    It doesnt work. 🙁 please check it again..

  18. Seydi says:

    i dont want this mod, what can i do ? plz help

    • Laxi says:

      You don’t want it? 😀
      Then don’t put it in your mod folder 😀

      • Seydi says:

        are you stuped ? if you have not read what I wrote stfu….

        • Pjotr says:

          But that’s exactly what you sayd.

          • Laxi says:

            You said “I don’T” what means you don’T want something 🙂
            No want – for stupid boys 😀

  19. Alexander says:

    Hello i have try all that our answers but i cant get it to work !

  20. trucker_richy says:

    This mod works fine for me only trouble is, the description of what it is when i look for a job wont come up in english. Shame because it seems like a good mod

  21. scott says:

    Apparently I am not the only one it crashes for… :'(

  22. Martin says:

    Where do i find those trailers in the game? Wich company have them?

  23. lolmofo says:

    another wannabe modder blaming people other than them selves for not making mod compatible.

    before I download mod I read her in comments 1 bad word and no download no comments no download

  24. berend from holland says:

    mod is good only when i drive back i can’t brake ??

    please help!

    • BartvHam says:

      That is probably because the “Real Physics mod” you use does not match your gameversion. Physics mod 1.7 is for ETS2 1.3, lower versions of the physics mod are for older gameversions only

  25. V. says:

    work or not this pack for 1.4.8, anybody test it ?

  26. piusnjkf says:

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