Special Transport more rewards

Gives x10 rewards when you complete Special Transport job.



4 thoughts on “Special Transport more rewards

  1. iTzSplashed

    Unrealistic as hell.

    1. On the contrary, it’s very realistic. SCS did not fully researched the cargo market for these kind of transportation because the default money reward is not realistic with what it is in real life.

  2. Toxic Fumes

    True it is realistic, but I also don’t see companies only baying 3 – 5k for a job so risky, I appreciate the thought of it would be paying more, but everyone has there own opinion

  3. Полностью поддерживаю, для перевозки этих грузов должна быть достойная оплата, это вам не мешок картошки перевезти, хотя смотря где…

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