Special Volvo Interior


Special brown interior for Volvo Truck
Tested 1.6 game version

Author: Van_graff


5 thoughts on “Special Volvo Interior

  1. Too bad you included the dice etc .. I really like it, can you make it without them too and possibly color the steering wheel brown too 🙂

  2. you can also take the basic interior, then you get a black wheel 😉 tho you dont get the dashboard table and dice

  3. Is it available for right hand drive?

  4. Rick Claassen

    ik hoop echt dat er binnenkort een precies het zelfde interieur komt voor de Scania . voor ets2

    mooi gemaakt . respect

  5. Martin Berhus

    the textures or anything off the interour works, on my truck, 18.2.5

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