Spedition Höhner Skin Combo for Sogard3’s Krone Megaliner

Before you think this is just a reupload from my skinpack, read this please.

This is a completely independent, high quality version of my Spedition Höhner Scania S and trailer. While one would think it’s just a reupload at first glance, this is actually made with A8R8B8G8 compression, meaning it doesn’t have visible artifacts and it is in higher quality.

This skin combo is for high-end PCs only! Only works on DX11!

– Krone Megaliner 2017 by Sogard3 (required)
– Low deck chassis for Scania S/R by Sogard3

Happy trucking! 😉

Sogard3, TheNuvolari


10 thoughts on “Spedition Höhner Skin Combo for Sogard3’s Krone Megaliner

  1. würde der skin auch für renault t gemacht werden auch wenn ihn nicht real gibt von der firma ??

    1. TheNuvolari

      Verwenden sie T LKWs?

      1. TheNuvolari

        Entschuldigung, Ich mache nur wichtigste combos, Ich habe keine Idee wie konnte Ich dieses Skin an den Range T zu machen…

  2. renault t

  3. Sorry, I have to translate with Google…
    at scania the skin worked, but I have problems with the semi-trailer.
    I have installed Krone_ml_skinpack_v1.9
    Which semi-trailers do you need curtainsider 3 x ??
    Crown or standard ??

    1. TheNuvolari

      Don’t forget that this skin is for Sogard3’s Krone Megaliner, not SCS’ Profiliner!

  4. Thank you, looks good.

  5. I still have a request, the trailer does not work with lighting (light, brake, turn signal, etc.). Can you still fix that?

    1. TheNuvolari

      I’m not the author of the trailer itself. Ask Sogard3 on SCS Forum about that.

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