Speed Limit 240 Km/h


Now you can overclock the truck up to 240 km / h unless of course you have the power of the engine

Author: dimanix


15 thoughts on “Speed Limit 240 Km/h

  1. one question: for what? it’s not rally in case 🙂

  2. my goodness are too ###### to make their real #### mods mods such as the need nobody here!

    1. Google translate detected!!!

  3. MLUM – mentally limited User MOD

    works with all version and with all MLUM


  4. trucker richy

    is there really a need for no speed limit mods anymore seeing as the 1.4 patch allows you to turn off the speed limiter anyway.

    Trucker Richy

    1. Rebeldawg

      Not only that, but you’ll never reach the full 240 km/h anyways.

    2. When you activate that option in the menu, the limit rises from 90 to 142km/h. Have you thought at the possibility that some engines could get past that limit? I guess not!

      1. i can reach 185km/h without the speed limiter in 1.4.8..so George you’ re wrong! useless mod!

  5. It works,but you can reach the max speed or near it?

    1. No, but if you tune out some engines with some special engine power mods, I guess you can. Unfortunately you don’t have roads where you could test the full power of it (up to 240 km/h)!

  6. the mod in version 1.3.1 does not work …. or only works in version 1.4.x?

  7. bu yama en fazla hız olarak 120 yapıyor inanmayın yalancılar

  8. how to fix dozening problem in euro truck simultor ???

  9. it,s no 240.ofthe download 120

  10. i have a jeep cherokee but i cant reach above 90 ,what should i do?

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