Speed Limiter 1450 km/h


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In this mod added 5000BHP engines, so now with a little bit of accelaration you can reach 1450km/h.
Added no damage mod, so you can’t damage your truck or trailer
Mod is for racers who like to speed.
For all trucks, and all versions.
P.S photo is just for example

Authors: Ritomex10, RolekPL


19 Responses to Speed Limiter 1450 km/h

  1. optimus says:

    big ###### it is not race

  2. werner weigelt says:

    what has to do the ####????

  3. werner Enskat says:

    what has do to the ####?

  4. Hauser says:

    Truck “SIMULATOR”. No race simulator.

  5. Guest says:

    Only 1450km/h? Need a minimum 1500km/h… this is just tooooo slow!

  6. Military_Pig says:

    Автор идиот !

    • Сергей says:

      Согласен, пожалуй Идиот даже маловато для него…

  7. james says:

    been looking for something like this for ages! thanks!

  8. EneaMaconi says:

    Dude, you’re ######, this is only a ###### mod For a noob

  9. grandpa says:


  10. G.F.Later says:

    – BWUUURK!!!!!

  11. Name says:

    Is there any mods that prevents truck to flip?

  12. Hrumol says:

    1450?? Thrust SSC is/was the fastest “car” in the world with 1228kph! In the end of 2016 Andy Green in Bloodhound SSC will try to beat 1609kph. So! Your speed limiter is “fastest” than 15 m long and 10 (ten!) tones weight arrow projected to beat speed record (so totally unusefull on real road)!

    PS Why not 10000kph or milionpięćsetstodziewięćset kph?

  13. Snowman says:

    Bullshit. I´d really appreciate the admin to delete such ####

  14. Trucker For Real says:

    Go play need for speed!

  15. scania_dragon says:

    hopeless case

  16. SwiftTrans says:

    this mod basically defuse the purpose of a TRUCK DRIVING SIMULATION go play PROJECT CARS if you want to race!!

  17. NikosPBS964 says:

    the most useless video ever!

  18. Fred says:

    I want this for version 1.35 or newer. Please update file compatibility.

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