Speed Limiter 600 km/h +


With this mod you can reach 600 km/h + speed. Max speed which I reached is 680 km/h, settings added to 700 km/h, so be carefull, because speed can kill you. For me it’s good mod, because you can race and etc.

Author: Jasperwork


17 Responses to Speed Limiter 600 km/h +

  1. ramro says:

    One of the most pointless modifications I knows,if nobody needs absolutely

  2. AD23 says:

    LOL dude, keep these to yourself, ur gunna get barreled

  3. TRT5Puncake says:

    i get no file found

  4. LezAsh says:

    Great mod for a simulator….NOT….GO PLAY NEED4SPEED IF YOU WANNA GO FAST….F*cking kids

  5. Lady Scania says:

    Server Error…

  6. Andis Kreps says:

    For racing is NFS or other that style games! 😉

  7. andrev says:

    WOW! with that speed you can fly, so hopefully your next mod will be… wings for all trucks… Any cargo delivery in few hours across Europe! Really I have big respect for any person making mods here but… sensible mods. Did you see any truck with over 600km/h? Really? Big respect for making mods here mate anyway.

    • evox says:

      True.. i’m not see wings around his truck 😀

      • GScania says:

        Really? Clean our glasses then. Anyone has right to be creative. :F U O!

  8. Sasquatch says:

    This file contains nothing related to speed limiting and you can achieve over 900kmh by configuring the physics and gear ratios without setting a single value in game_data.

    Try Super Racing Mod by Sasquatch with Hyper Tuning for top speeds over 560mph (901kmh)!

  9. GScania says:

    U snails! Go and drive your trucks in granny hole 1st gear. Or find hiker game and enjoy in slobber.

  10. Sasquatch says:

    Here’s the final speed test for Super Racing Mod with Hyper Tuning:


    Top speed 570MPH (917kmh) and the game_data file had nothing to do with the result!

  11. RayFiftyOne says:

    You don’t belong here!!

  12. haleyon says:

    its a worst mode
    its not working

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