Speed Limiters from 60-130kph + No Damage


Different Speed Limiters + No Damage Mod:

– 60kph
– 70kph
– 80kph
– 90kph
– 100kph
– 110kph
– 115kph
– 120kph
– 130kph



6 Responses to Speed Limiters from 60-130kph + No Damage

  1. scania_dragon says:

    I say it again: those mods are nonsense. This is a trucking game, not a racing game. And the highways and citystreets are no racing tracks! This is true for this game and also for the real life!

    • Air WP says:

      This mod collection was never intended for such things, although I generally appreciate race mods for ETS2.
      Only things added to game are modified speed limiters – lowered and highered ones. The damage mod was only added because of the incompatibilty of limiters and damage mods, it works only if they are created in one step with one scs-file.

      These mods are also available without damage mod, if somebody needs them, reply right here with your favourite speed.

      • toyCrow says:

        Hey Air WP
        can you please make this mod or a new mod that will change all ai vehiche speed max to 70 kmph, including cars.
        I know that sounds funny but I really need it.

  2. Jack Curtis says:

    Can you do this for ats?

  3. Abdi Pranoto says:

    I have 1.23.xx game version, and my truck is Volvo fh16 XL.
    i just confused, how to use this mod….
    i copyed it to mod folder and i have activate it, but bothing…
    i still got damage

  4. Agung Wiseno says:

    Can you update the link please?
    thank you

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