Speedometers 160 km / h for MAN TGX & Scania R / Streamline

Speedometers with a speed scale from 0 to 160 km / h for MAN TGX and Scania R / Streamline.
Mod is adapted for version 1.27.x.x

Author: star5 Adaptation for v1.27.x.x: Tornado


5 thoughts on “Speedometers 160 km / h for MAN TGX & Scania R / Streamline

  1. Hey, Does this work on Multiplayer too? Great mod indeed 🙂

    1. I do not know. I did not play in multiplayer. In a single player it works fine.

    2. By the way, you are the first who wrote that mod good. For some reason, the rest he did not like …. No one wrote the reasons.

      1. Hey, It’s already a good mod. Specially for those who use 730/750 hp engine in their trucks. I have tried this mod in Multiplayer.
        Doesn’t work :(. And I will have request to make it workable for multiplayer and for all other trucks like, volvo or mercedes.

        Good Luck. 🙂

        1. It’s not possible for multiplayer.

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