Spring/Autumn by Grimes


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This mod simulates early spring or mid/late autumn.

Leafless vegetation
Spring/Autumnal terrain
0800 to 2000 daylight hours
Brighter sunrises and sunsets
Appropriate temperature readings
No thunder and lighting
No harvesters
Increased truck wheel spray
AI vehicle wheel spray in heavy rain

Please disable other weather, lighting and graphics mods.

Recommended settings
Vegetation detail: High
Grass density: High

Compatibility: 1.16.x



11 Responses to Spring/Autumn by Grimes

  1. Wellington says:

    Cool, I’ll try .
    A doubt , works with Pro Mods ?

  2. hermesek says:

    ey ,what map is on the pictures?

    • 4004 says:

      Would like to know as well. Am guessing RusMap/RusOpenSpaces

  3. gamerOFnorway says:

    Great mod 😉 love it 😀

  4. wegger says:

    Very Nice mod!

  5. Bigode says:

    We have a nice job here! Beautiful atmosphere!
    Works perfect with my MAP KIT = MarioMap + RoMap + RusMap + Russian Open Spaces Map + Baltics Map.
    Works perfect too with “SweetFx” and “Default Lines and Darker Asphalt”

    Keep working! Ty!

  6. kent76 says:

    This is extremely good!!!

  7. ursturbo says:

    Very nice mod!Thx! Nice effects,i hope you will make one for summer,when it’s time!Works perfect for TSM too!

  8. Gabe12 says:

    Awesome mod as always. Thanks!

  9. silvio says:

    Habría posibilidades de hacer un mod que fuera automåtico con el tema de las estaciones ejemplo después de tantos días ir cambiar a otra

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