Squirrel Nuts Trailer

Squirrel-Nuts-1 Squirrel-Nuts-2 Squirrel-Nuts-3

It is a Trailer of a legenary youtuber squirrel it is my 2nd mod plz enjoy

Author: kashel12


17 Responses to Squirrel Nuts Trailer

  1. RagnarModding says:

    Not good . . . .
    Worst . . . .

  2. blade says:

    What the actual fck

  3. Karina-Moskva says:

    Cool skin !! ))

  4. zoso says:

    before getting bombed and better to watch this tutorial

  5. kent76 says:

    This is a joke…..That’s funny.LOL

  6. lea says:

    so many stupid kids on this side….have no respect for modders….######

    • kent76 says:

      Well, I have made mods, too. But I will never upload useless stuff~

  7. Lanker says:

    That’s not gone well.

  8. ScaniaFan89 says:

    This is an insult to Squirrel & should be removed….If you want his trailers etc you can get them off his mods list https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/tmjhe6yaYLb7tI24AlitHFg/htmlview

    Just make sure you read what version the mod is for etc & the RED text 🙂

    • Andrew says:

      Well said but I’m sure Squirrel will see the funny side. He’ll be cool about it.

      • osman says:

        Why you all guys in love with that Squirrel girl? Are you some kind of cow? Do you have a brain?

        Ohh waste of time, i’m trying to talk with some insects…
        Losers…(I mean your whole life)

        • this guy hates osman says:

          really your the one with no brain you stupid #####

  9. Memeqaz says:

    What kind of a trailer is this? Poor quality and the back is terrible…

    I think it’s best you just watch Squirrel instead of modding stuff for him…

  10. mikehackenbacker says:

    everyone has to start somewhere,the ones that critisise upload nothing just take take take and give back nothing

    • Nathaniel says:

      You have hit the hammer on the head so to speak. At least you know what you are talking about 🙂

    • Faelandaea says:

      Nice avatar. Doctor Who for the win!

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