Stabo XM4060E CB Radio ver. 1.3 [1.30][Upd.26.03.18]

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This mods add a CB Radio accessory for the truck cabin.
-This mod adds Stabo XM 4060E CB Radio to the ETS2;
-HD textures baked with ambient occlusion;
-Animated cord;
-Two versions: with/without english chatter;
-HQ 3d model;
-Cb radio can be seen from inside and outside of the truck;
-It is possible to place it on dashboard or above dashboard.

Changelog for latest version
-Improved cb-radio model and fixed uv-maps;
-Improved textures and baked AO;
-Added cord animation;
-Improved chatter audio file;
-Added compatibility with Scania 2016 R/S trucks.

Supported trucks
CB radio, which placed on the dashboard is compatible with every truck, which has red upgrade slots on its dashboard.
CB radio, which placed above dashboard is compatible with all vanilla trucks and most european truck mods. See “supported trucks list” pic below.
Supported trucks list (Internal truck names):
supported trucks

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AlexeyP, CB chatter audio based on Youtube video by Mark Truett.


4 Responses to Stabo XM4060E CB Radio ver. 1.3 [1.30][Upd.26.03.18]

  1. Thanasis says:

    nice mod ,but if you have an engine sound install ,you cant hear it at all ,i believe you should volume up the sound!!

  2. Jean POPINEAU says:

    There is no cord on Scania S.
    The rest works

  3. whdals6114 says:

    Please reduce the light content.

  4. HenriqueSantos says:

    Good job,
    in Scania default: no cord
    in Scania RJL (T and R): is ok
    and please reduce light, is very high
    very thanks for mod!

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