Standalone Mercedes Bens Sprinter v2.5 + Trailers


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Standalone Mercedes Benz Sprinter with Trailers

This is a completely stand alone vehicle and should work with other mods and trucks.
purchase from a majestic dealership.
EU interior only.
Tested on 1.15 update
comes pre-packed with compatible trailer mod (credits in disclaimer)

1.Extract the .rar file to mods folder located in Documents/euro truck simulator 2/mods Euro Truck simulator 2 the desired profile select edit from profile selection screen
4.enable the mods Mercedes Benz Sprinter V2.5 and Auto_jeep_anhänger and hit apply
(OPTIONAL) the trailers do not have to be used.
5.can be purchased for majestic dealership. replaces first majestic truck.


I did not create the trailer mod. the trailer mod is from the jeep Cherokee srt8 but works 100% with the Sprinter
credits to the creator located here


[email protected]


33 Responses to Standalone Mercedes Bens Sprinter v2.5 + Trailers

  1. Ficfic says:

    Could you put my name Ficfic (because I’ve reworked the car) and his name Stino (because he has created the car)

    • James says:

      Can you please rework the car again, and add the sleeping deck or what ever it was called again?! PLEASE!
      It feels weird driving that all around Europe without it.

    • CrazyRandomzZ says:

      sorry but i dont think i can change the credits whats there is actually a mistake -_- but i had to rework the model from stino i believe. and i also had to re-rig most of the model as the wheels where not correct and some problems with the interior everything had to be remade to make it a standalone. but i did download yours for some help so if i figure out how to add credits then you and stino will be added.

      • Ficfic says:

        Thank you and your job is amazing, could you macke a Mercedes E63 AMG Standalone 2012 V2, please?

      • Ficfic says:

        The next version will be Mercedes Benz Sprinter Final version? If yes, name the mod Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 311 CDI.scs Thank you

      • Ficfic says:

        Where are the trailers?

        • CrazyRandomzZ says:

          they are randomly mixed in with all other trailers. just have to find a job that has one

          • Ficfic says:

            I don’t find the trailers in the files of the mod

          • CrazyRandomzZ says:

            in the .rar file there is 2 scs files one is the sprinter and the other is the trailer

    • Micky says:

      Great job, but too bad that i used the truck diesel tank 600 liters isnt real 🙂 som skins had bin nice for trailer and sprinter

  2. crisakey says:

    Congratulations! That’s the final Mercedes I’d like

  3. Verdi says:

    Not bad at all.. Gameplay HD

  4. BahamutX says:

    do I need to start a new game?my game crashes when I go to the shop.i’m on latest version

    • CrazyRandomzZ says:

      do you have any mods that replaces a Mercedes? or do you drive a Mercedes. the first cheap one? if so you may have to start a new profile. im not sure worked fine on my new and old account

      • BahamutX says:

        I got it working now,i just added zzz to the name and it works

  5. Paťo 735 says:

    It looks good, for the next version, you can set a real capacity of fuel tank and real consumption of course .. and some more colours or maybe more upgrades will be good, thanks 🙂

  6. Stian says:

    Is it skinnable? 🙂 looks nice 😀

  7. terryw6557 says:

    works a treat, thanks good mod.

  8. Tim says:

    Trailers standalone?

  9. Dhanuja99 says:

    It would be great if the meters were working. Because, if you are driving with a speed of 100 km/h the meters are showing that you are going 148 km/h. And that’s why i can drive 50 km/h in my 5th gear that in real life not possible is.

  10. ScaniaV8Vabis says:

    very nice mod, perfect for the drivers in training before they get a truck in a VTC

  11. dinter says:

    can I change the colour, or even give the car my companies skin? If its possible, can you tell me how?

  12. DareO says:

    Any chance of patch for 1.16? It crashes.

  13. Kyle Smith says:

    Where can i get the wheels?

  14. TheCarWashChannle says:

    Does this work with 1.18?

  15. Ptolemy says:

    it doesn’t have the actual mercedes benz sprinter wheels!!!

  16. roman says:


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