Steerable Axles for Schwarzmuller Curtain Trailer

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This mod replaces wheels of Schwarzmuller curtain trailer with steerable ones.The mod works for ETS 2 version and above.



8 thoughts on “Steerable Axles for Schwarzmuller Curtain Trailer

  1. scaniaboy2000

    Hello Overtruck could you do that steer ### on my trailer too?

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  3. The Simulator Guy

    Please Make For Other Trailers… Such As Limetec

    1. Biggey Smalley

      These short 3 axle trailers don’t require and would never have steerable axles IRL. Just because it’s available doesn’t mean it should be on every trailer. They are meant for very long and heavy loads where turning a corner would not be possible and to prevent tire scrub and excessive pressures on the chassis.

  4. Does+it+works+for+multipalyer?

  5. My new mod “Steerable Axles for Brick Trailer” now is available in Steam Workshop:

  6. My new mod for ATS “Steerable axle for long tank trailers” now is available in Steam Workshop:

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