Steering Indicator Remover v 0.1 Beta (for ETS2 and ATS)


Steering indicator remover for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator
by golcan
Version: 0.1 (beta)

This mod removes the steering indicator (yellow semicircle) shown on exterior cameras for players not using a steering wheel for steering.
It does not remove the yellow underscore character shown below the semicircle.
It does not work if OpenGL is in use.
Do not reupload, respect original download link and credits.

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One thought on “Steering Indicator Remover v 0.1 Beta (for ETS2 and ATS)

  1. I have made one that remove everything. Even that yellow indicator for gas and brake with mouse.. Maybe i ll share it. I didn’t know other people will want to use it

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