Steering Wheel Cover V.2


-Renault trucks and Iveco Stralis are added
(Volvos and hiway constantly give crashes and errors so they are not in the mod sorry)
-Now you have 6 color options for each truck!
(white, black, light brown, dark brown, red, blue)



8 thoughts on “Steering Wheel Cover V.2

  1. simoschmitz

    Tunak i really like your mods continue like that.

    1. thanks 🙂

  2. TunakTürkiye! С этим модом , у меня дворники не смывают капли дождя. Как быть?

    1. it would be great if you write in english next time..

      Yes i’ve found some bugs in mercedes (wipers) and iveco (retarder). no matter what i do, it happens.
      It is something about imported models become corrupt in blender. Nothing to do about it for now, until blender add-on is updated.
      Other trucks are ok i’ve seen nothing wrong.

  3. can you make this for RHD please

  4. @dr_jaymz

    nicely done

  5. Hello i had somes problem with daf xf the steering wheel is in the glass and don’t turn

  6. Tunak ,and will continue braiding on other trucks such as Daf 50 keda

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