Sties multipack


I created all this skins except the Sties Chereau trailer.

In the rar file you will find:

Scania 4 series skin + mod.
Scania 4 series BDF skin + mod.
Scania 50k skin.
Scania T cab skin + mod.

Please respect the original download link and please do not re-upload the files elsewhere.

Files are all open, nothing is locked.

DutchTrucker19 (Stephan Beekmans, B&B Skin Customs)


10 thoughts on “Sties multipack

  1. Mooie skins. Precies voor de vrachtwagens die ik gebruik 😉

    1. Zouden jullie ook nog een Sties skin voor deze truck willen maken als dat kan? (

  2. DutchTrucker19

    Die heb ik ook, niet zelf gemaakt, maar die is helaas privé!

    1. Jammer, maar ik zal desondanks met deze skins voor 3 verschillende trucks nog een hoop lol beleven op de Dutch Map. Het was te proberen 😉

  3. Only for 1.14 or please ??

  4. V nice skins.

    1. DutchTrucker19

      Your 143m inspired me mate. So actually the base is all yours and you should get credit too, and for Grandpa, they are supposed to work on all versions.

  5. No problem may have more soon.

  6. Really nice mod but I actually wonder something which is off topic a little.

    In normally 50k’s Scania R2008 there is a gap between truck and trailer in 6×2/4 chassis but in the picture there is no more gap, so my question is how would you guys do that?Is it possible to make this by editing def files?

    And second question is the wheel mod.Are those wheels private or is there a mod of it?

    1. DutchTrucker19

      Hello Burak,

      My answer to your question about the gap between truck and trailer is that I can not give you a correct one, I think it depends on the trailer you use.

      And yes the wheels are in this mod.

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