[STM] 1.30 Scania 113H Torpedo Edit v 1.5

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[Works well in 1.30 without errors]

You hate when brazilians put brazilian defs, with no icons etc? With full of errors?

I love this trucks since 3 years now, but i have never seen a clean mod of this truck for ETS2…

This mod features :

– Removed useless tuning
– New icons for all accessories!
– New engines, and torque curve and engine icon
– New realistic gearboxes (From 4-series RJL)
– New paintjobs
– Errors Free
– Advance coupling works perfectly

So, here’s my edit, hope you will love it! Dont hesitate to test it on YouTube ?

Don’t hesitate to talk to me on Facebook ! : https://www.facebook.com/SeminerioModding/

Next update :

– Licence plate (World of trucks compatible)
– More tuning
– DLC cabin fully compatible

Updates log :

1.0 Version :
Removed all useless tuning and bugs, no errors, mod is created.

1.5 Version :
Scania S in dealer bug is corrected, and all works perfectly. Without bugs.

[Seminerio Trans Modding]

sheppardpat47, RJL, Kriechbaum, and other modders.

If you want to donate something to me, feel free to give me a little gift if you love my work ~ <3 https://www.paypal.me/sheppardpat47 Credits: sheppardpat47, RJL, Kriechbaum. DOWNLOAD 39 MB

12 thoughts on “[STM] 1.30 Scania 113H Torpedo Edit v 1.5

  1. Nice jogb, but why you credit yourself in this mod? Original mod is from LS Mod on Youtube

  2. scooterking

    windows wipers do not work out of the front but inside the cabin they work
    Like you write it’s error free but there are errors in it

    can see that the seats and the wall and doors are from a r model

    1. sheppardpat47

      Yeah i know, that’s an error i will fix it when i can

  3. Good job man! This truck works really well 🙂

  4. Como se instala? D:

  5. Andreas Saksakulm

    where is the .scs file

  6. sheppardpat47

    So, idk why everyone is so confused
    But it’s a ZIP file and not a SCS file but it’s the same, put the zip file in the mod folder, like other mods

  7. where can i buy or find the truck “sorry i am new”

  8. CoRuJa_PvH



  9. Do you copy and disclose this and correct errors!!

  10. LKW funktioniert soweit gut bis auf die Blinker gehen nicht Warnblinker geht nur Scheibenwischer außen geht nicht innen ja

    Schade das kein Sisl Pack funktioniert zu wenig Anbauteile eher gar keine an sonsten gute mod

  11. márcio roberto

    bom dia mano ela nao ver atualizada nao este scania 113

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