Streamline de King


Tested v1.8.2.5s

Inspirated from DECAT Energy Technics
This mod only found in upgrade shop
Accessories for this mod:
2 sideskirt lip
3 custom muffler/exhaust
other default scs

SCS Software, 50keda, adrian, traceparts, pije, thumperlegs, vlasta,
tomas, standaloner


12 thoughts on “Streamline de King

  1. Metaltom68

    DL not Work

  2. work great! video coming!

  3. Pam Christaman

    yep, i can’t get it neither.

  4. same for me

  5. I did download it but its not the best way to put files online, maybe put it on another down/upload site?

  6. Downloaded and it works fine for me, click on download, than you see scania file and another 10×4 file, in top of those files there is a button ‘download’ / ‘downloaden’. Click on it and then it will download a zip. file. You will find your download in that zip file 😉

  7. guys on oneDrive select “scania_de_king” and “v10x4” and right button on mause and download and here you go!

  8. nice but is it compatible with scania tuning mod fnal by zilpzalp??

  9. It would be nice if on the 4th axle instead of front turning wheels to be normal double rear wheels. And in this variant the only power wheels are the ones on the 4th axle and that is inconvenient at some times, especially when you have a big weight to pull and you have to overcome a steep slope. The wheels keep skidding and you are stuck. So to solve this it may require to modify the mod so the 3th and 4th axle have normal powered rear wheels.
    Thank you. I hope my feedback was useful and that you make this adjustments to this wonderful mod.

    1. standaloner

      thank you for your feedback, i do my best for the next mod

  10. o link nao funciona

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