Stuttgart Improvements v1.0 (ProMods Addon)

Changes vegetation and signs in the AREA of Stuttgart (but not in the city itself).

ProMods 2.20 + all map DLCs are REQUIRED to work!
Put this mod ABOVE ProMods in your mod manager.

*Small changes on Stuttgarter Kreuz
*Completely Change of Environment at Leonberger Kreuz
*Completely new signs at Leonberger Kreuz
*City of Leonberg in background
*Ugly tunnel between Stuttgart and Dreieck Karlsruhe removed and replaced with exit 43 “Pforzheim-West”
*Signs added in Hambrücken and at the French-German border

Tested in 1.28

ProMods Team; Topolino


2 thoughts on “Stuttgart Improvements v1.0 (ProMods Addon)

  1. tank4balle

    compatible with RoS, RusMap and southern region ?

  2. I haven’t tested yet but I don’t know why it should not be compatible…

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