Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2017 V3.3 1.48


– Updated to game version 1.48

*The car has a manual transmission but it may try to shift gears automatically, please switch to manual mode for a better driving experience*


Nimit, İsmail Kaan, Slav Jerry, VakkoTeam


10 thoughts on “Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2017 V3.3 1.48

  1. Can you bring a mercedes benz G63?

    1. it already exists? search.

      1. can you update the civic ies please?

  2. I love it !!!!!
    I had an opportunity to sit on a driver side in the Subaru STI ONE TIME IN REALIFE 😁…u guys gave me that felling agan with this Subaru STI was just like in real life!!😁 I am soo happy with this car mod one of my favorites …keep making car mods u guys are awesome !!!

  3. can you please try to make audi rs6 avant c8 that goes with 300 +kmh

  4. YOYO nice mod! Can u bring the Subaru BRZ from 2013? that’s a dream!
    Thank u guys for this beautiful work!

  5. lütfen 2022 range Rover yaparmısın kaç tane yorum yaptım görülmedi

  6. maybe u can try make sti that can drive and not crash at 110kmh all the time
    it not turn at all

  7. If you make sti 2004, I am sure that the army of fans of your modifications will increase significantly. I know many who are waiting for a 2004 Subaru, but to this day no one has been able to do it. Please make this machine.

  8. NeoLights

    Yo, it’d be nice if this car had convoy support, currently it crashes when you join a game with the same mod and the car loaded up.

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