Suicide Squad Character Poster Trailer

suicide-squad-character-poster-1 suicide-squad-character-poster-2

Suicide Squad Character Poster Trailer Skin for the schmitz S.KO trailer Tz Express. Re-worked exclusively for ETS2studio by Matdom1988

Tested on 1.25 & all was fine. Standalone & has its own cargo
(20 tons of Pallet Goods)
(12 tons of comics)
(3 tons Empty Return)

please keep the original download link

hope you enjoy

Author: Novy313


4 thoughts on “Suicide Squad Character Poster Trailer

  1. turboiron

    Kill yourself, #####

    1. whatever buddy!

      1. turboiron

        Do not be angry. But I do not like unreal goods by road

        1. dont be angry after you wrote kill yourself. righto dickhead. if it aint your thing DONT download it. its very simple

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