Sunshield 143


Sunshield 143 for Scania Truck

Author: ragv


7 thoughts on “Sunshield 143

  1. So, Either you remove this post, or you give my credit for the base of that visor. Thanks.

  2. ^ What she said.

    But really, it needs work. It doesn’t fit at all yet.

  3. Sorry, but on my opinion this does not fit at all… :-\

  4. password please

    1. If i’ve lock this mods, this is to avoid assholes like those who posted this mods without my credits.

  5. Diogo Luis

    Muito bom,já estava a espera desse Mod a muito tempo.

  6. GhostrickAll

    Scania fit a small sunshield not large like that 🙁
    For Volvo I think fits perfect 😀

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