Super Engine


This mod add a insane engine with 999999 hp in any truck hope you enjoy this.
Tips: use this mod in sequintal gameplay

Author: JCV (modding tutorial)


3 Responses to Super Engine

  1. Kenny says:

    wow exactly what I was looking for. but I still need wings on truck …..

  2. Bear6259 says:

    trouble is with wings on your truck… as soon as the wheels left the ground your power goes away , unless you have a propeller
    Hey did I just give an idea for a mod ??? I hope not

  3. French says:

    Hello, great mod, but need wings. Is or all DAF trucks.
    Could you make a mod motor scania r 2008 1500 horses?
    No way to find motors

    Bonjour, superbe mod, mais faut des ailes. Est ce que pour DAF ou tous camions.
    Pourriez-vous faire un mod moteur scania r 2008, 1500 chevaux?
    Pas moyen de trouver des moteurs

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