Super HD Graphic v 1.2

Super-HD-Graphic-v-1.2-1 Super-HD-Graphic-v-1.2-2 Super-HD-Graphic-v-1.2-3

More realistic space available in the game

Author: nazanin(IR)


26 thoughts on “Super HD Graphic v 1.2

  1. Nice. Please do more Iranian mods.

  2. Video?

  3. Max_Rogers

    CRAPP!! JUST ####!! this is not even truck !! this is somthing like russian lada!! full of stuff that no one need!! realy grow up go out side of your dark room and watch real life trucks!! Less that you live in India where all trucks are even not a trucks is a woodn box with 6 wheels and full of lights !

    Worse things in the world are that boxes on wheels !!

    want proff ?? go watch Top Gear if not wrong episode 20!! or 19!! Even Geremy Clarkson say that indian trucks are ####!! is a worlds joke!!


    1. Why don’t you try first to spell English words correct.

    2. mercure007

      “son of the #####”…

    3. I am surprised with your stupidness and you grammar. I especially laughed with “Geremy Clarkson”. Besides, you’re complaining about a truck in a graphic mod page. I suggest you to learn English from the start you racist ####.

      1. “realy grow up go out side of your dark room and watch real life trucks!!”

        You spend your time going outside and watching trucks?????

  4. Works for ??

    1. yes

  5. внутри SweetFX

  6. inside is SweetFX

  7. It looks cute for pictures, but why do people make “HD” mods with such bright colors that are nothing like real life calling them realistic sometimes?

    Adjusting luma/gamma/brightness/contrast is enough, no need to oversaturate colors. Dastagir (Lautus) had the best settings, but even that was a bit too much in colors.

    This mod has SweetFX and 2 old mods by other people.

  8. Too bright

  9. Yes, these modes are made by other people, I chose the best one for you to enjoy it, I’m a no Medicare. Honest I am not afraid of anyone either

  10. Super HD Graphic ??? CRAPP!! JUST ####!!

  11. Pam Christaman

    wow i’m really supprised by the comments here. can’t we just stay respectfull and not behave like punk ### kiddos tryin to kill the peace?? i’d be glad if people would calm down on this site, moding is about sharing isn’t it? anyway, be blessed you all out there.

    1. Thank you

  12. I do agree with Pam Christaman,every work done to improve this simulator is valuable, ideas about them are different but they are valuable too. everybody is free to share his\her mod and every body is free to leave any comment but these offensive reactions just reveal their writers’ unpleasant characters.

  13. There are very ###### people in the world…

    You know , most of the time people that are agressive and complaiing about anything are people that do nothing to improve the game and help the community, they are only here to make bad comments with bad words … they are only ###### that’s all and unfortunately we have to live with them on our beautiful poor planet …

    You , all guys , go on world of truck to meet MEES , this guy (MEES) is exactly like MARX_ROGER and marek PL … he makes bad comments to everybody’s work , he doesn’t even know how to speak and write properly english and he wants to give lessons to all the world AH AH AH AH AH … If I knew a way to shut up negativ people like that , trust me I would use it 😉 but people like that feel safe and untouchable behind their poor little screen … it’s why they behave so bad.

    Anyway : good job for this mod and thanks for sharing 😉

    1. Thank you

  14. video plz

  15. Thank you for sharing this mod with us nazanin(IR) and well said rush_man. I really think that people should show some more respect for others work instead of just complain about it. If you don’t like a mod or the way people decorate their trucks, then just ignore it and keep silent. There’s absolutely no reason to be rude against other people in here, but i guess that foul language and behaviour has become a permanent part of society.

    1. Thank you

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