Super long trailer v2.2

Hi guys!
Correct the data and release new v2.2!
I made a super long trailer mod!
The length is unknown, but it’s very long!
This update supports double trailers!
I have never tried ver1.43 multiplayer!
Enjoy at your own risk!



5 thoughts on “Super long trailer v2.2

  1. hi, if i downloud the version 2.2

    i get hte version 2.1

  2. looooool, now a very short version haha..

  3. Amigo porfa arregla del problema del palier derecho corto para que quede mas parejo

  4. Not my kind of mod but it should be funny for small roads.

    Still not my thing but some people might like it for experiments.

  5. the mod is great but there is interference with the trailers of the base game please could you design the trailer but make it standalone

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